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Hypothyroidism and Infertility

The Real Reasons Why Most Women Don't Suspect It!

Hypothyroidism and infertility seem like an uncommon pairing. Most people think that hypothyroidism is only related to unexpected weight gain or neck swelling. However, the reality is that hypothyroidism and infertility can cause a lot of confusion with women who are looking to get pregnant. Many women might be on the wrong kind of hormone treatment, or assume there are other reasons they are having pregnancy complications.

Hypothyroidism and InfertilityWhen a woman trys to get pregnant and can't, a doctor will usually look for hormonal problems. Hypothyroidism causes higher levels of prolactin and when this happens there are immediate problems with a woman's ovulation.

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Although doctors are not 100% sure why hypothyroidism causes infertility, they do know that there is some relationship between the two.

Once you see a doctor about infertility, you should then be sent to an infertility specialist who can better determine the possible reasons why you cannot get pregnant. Hypothyroidism can be detected, but a doctor needs to look carefully for it.

There are possible health risks pertaining to hypothyroidism once a woman is pregnant. One risk is the possibility of a miscarriage. Therefore, a woman who is having symptoms that are not normal should always consult with their physician.

Hypothyroidism and Infertility Symptoms

1. Weight gain

One of the most common symptoms of hypothyroidism and infertility is that you will gain weight, but you will not have any appetite. So, any unusual weight gain should be monitored especially if you are eating less.

2.  Increased mood swings

If you start having an increase in mood swings, and it's not common for you, this can also be one of the hypothyroidism and infertility symptoms.

3. Irregular periods, cramps etc.

Other hypothyroidism and infertility symptoms are similar to regular hypothyroidism symptoms. This includes irregular periods, dry skin, insomnia, muscle cramps, and cold sensitivity.

There are also hypothyroidism and infertility symptoms that are similar to a woman who is approaching menopause. Of course, menopause can be a cause of infertility but if you are getting advice from other women, and they keep telling you that menopause might be the reason you can't get pregnant, you should talk with a doctor.

Remember, there are many reasons why a woman cannot get pregnant. However, it's best to rule out hypothyroidism as a possible cause.

If it is determined that you do have an under active thyroid problem, your doctor will determine the proper treatment. Treatment usually consists of a thyroid hormone replacement. It may take a little while for your doctor to find the proper dosage for you. So, you will more than likely need some follow up treatments for this.

Understand that hypothyroidism and infertility symptoms are not easy to diagnose unless your doctor makes tests for it.

Your thyroid might also not function properly if your estrogen levels change. If you do get pregnant, you should once again ask your doctor.

In closing...

To end on a positive note, if it turns out that hypothyroidism and infertility is the reason you can't conceive, there could be a total reversal once your thyroid is working properly. This means that after you fix the problem, there is no reason that you can't get pregnant afterwards.

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