Hypothyroidism Natural Treatment

Herbs for Hypothyroidism

Many people facing an under active thyroid are looking for natural herbs for hypothyroidism that can help reduce symptoms and improve overall health. While the medical establishment is good at writing prescriptions for drugs, if you are looking for hypothyroidism herbal treatment options then you are going to have to do some of your own research.

Herbs for HypothyroidismAfter reviewing thousands of articles and reports, here is a list of the top 7 herbs for hypothyroidism and how they can help you.

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Top 7 Herbs For Hypothyroidism:


Gugulipid is an herb that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to stimulate an under active thyroid and support overall health for thousands of years. More recently it has been reported by the Baylor College of Medicine that Gugulipid also helps regulate cholesterol levels in the body.


Nori is a red sea plant that is eaten throughout the world. While all sea plants are potent in mineral content, Nori contains Iodine which is essential for overall thyroid health. Nori is rich in phosphorus, calcium, iron, iodine, and carotenes.

Piper Longum

Piper longum is a powerful stimulant for the digestive and respiratory systems. This pepper helps increase thyroid hormone levels by increasing the metabolic heat energy.


L-Tyroisine is a naturally occurring amino acid that helps your brain and nervous system function properly. By increasing your levels of tyrosine you help support healthy thyroid function and normal blood pressure.


Ginger is an herb for hypothyroidism that has been noted for several health boosting qualities. First, ginger has been used for thousands of years to treat nausea and help with digestion. Second, the University of Maryland Medical Center published an article saying that ginger may also be useful for treating aching joints and muscles. Third, although studies are still being conducting, there is evidence that ginger also helps support and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Black Cohosh

If you are a woman experiencing hypothyroidism you might want to check out Black Cohosh. This hypothyroidism herbal treatment has been used to help with menstrual problems, PMS and infertility.

Hypothyroidism Herbal TreatmentSt John's Wort

For the past 22 years, more than 30 clinical studies have been conducted on St. John's Wort. While the herbs effectiveness is still being explored, some scientific evidence shows that St. John's Wort is helpful in treating mild depression and mood swings which are both side effects of hypothyroidism.

On top of the herbs for hypothyroidism that have been outlined above, it's also important that you are doing the little things like following a hypothyroidism diet plan, exercising regularly and supplementing with a multi-vitamin.

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